Kill those fats

19 Jan

Hello dearies. How r u feeling today? me? errr…getting better i guess. hopefully.

Sorry for the emotional and stupid fb status yesterday. Cudn’t really think properly. But am all good now.

Nothing to blog about i guess. Coz i need to drag my lazy ass to the gym la today. Coz i need to kill those nasty fats n those negative energies inside me(yeah u wudn’t know how much those energies been living inside me.eeeks)

Before that i need to go to EPF to settle some things. And i can spend the whole days at the gym. Need to work out those abs and arse baby. weeee

yesterday. sempat lagi snap pic tengah2 cry tu. heeks.

owh owh…this pashmina is credit to modish-shawl. more style on that later in my next post hopefully.

sile pusingkan kepala anda ye. last friday with the sayang during gym session.

ok ok…need to go now. mak ngah dah ready. chowbella.muahs.

p.s: thanks everyone for ur concern. sayang u all lah. *hugs*

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